Sungwa Star Guardian UD  ADX  ET


5/10/91 - 26/10/02

Duke was my original Border Collie. He unfortunately passed away in late 2002, but left a huge amount of memories behind him in the television industry, and through obedience and agility circles in Perth. He achieved multiple titles in obedience, agility and endurance, and was also well known for his work with demonstration teams such as the Eukanuba Awesome Pawsome and the Pal Superdogs.

He did a large amount of television work, including numerous commercials, and landed the major dog role in the 26 part children's television series "The Gift" (Baron Entertainment), where he produced faultless work and often saved on filming time with his initiative and quick wits (above left picture is of Duke on the set of "The Gift".

He will be particularly remembered also for his freestyle dog dancing - performances at fund raising events, and stage and film performances at the Veterinary Student Reviews at Murdoch University. You could take Duke into any situation and he would always come up with the work that was required of him. He was a delightful, most faithful and loving dog who achieved a great deal in his lifetime, and he instilled me with a permanent addiction for Border Collies!