Borderquest Beau Jester CDX  AD  ET  FD


9/4/92 - 7/12/05

Jester was a red and white boy and came into my life six months after I got Duke. He achieved multiple titles in obedience, agility, endurance and flyball. He was a loving, cuddly and affectionate dog and was always the pack leader in my house, but he created harmonious control with very little effort.

He achieved his last title of Flyball Dog in 2003 and had a considerable zest for work despite his advancing years. Jester also did a large amount of commercial television work and photographic shoots in his earlier career, and landed a prominent one episode role in "The Gift", a children's television series produced by Barron Entertainment in Perth, 1997.  Jester co-starred in “The Gift” with the star of the show and best friend, Duke, pictured with him above (and below).