Mac - or sometimes called Macy - turned seven on 21/7/14.  He lives with Marta and he is good natured and friendly with dogs, people and puppies alike. He also suffers the curse of the Yeoville suckle gene, dragging his security blanket around and chewing on the end.

Mac’s first title was Tracking Dog (TD) when he was just under one year of age. To date Mac has achieved the other titles CCD, CD, CDX and UD (Obedience), TDX & T.Ch (Tracking) and his Endurance Test (ET).

Mac is a quiet dog, shy in public at times likes his solitude, friendly with people and dogs, plays with friends puppies.

Loves running on the beach, swimming in the pond, drawn to any water. His favourite thing is fetching ball/football. 

Macy was given opportunity to work in Obedience, Rally, Endurance, Agility and Jumping and awarded with 16 Titles  so far.

He loves challenge and embraces it with enthusiasm, intelligent and methodical worker, can be strong minded. Most decorated Title is Macy’s  Obedience  Grand Champion (O.GR.CH.) and now a winner of Top Obedience Dog of the year 2014.

Tracking Champion

Obedience Grand Champion

Yeoville Mastermind



Career Highlights:

•Obedience Grand Champion

•Tracking Champion

•Winner Top Agility Dog of the year 2014